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Why Are White Men So Angry?

Why are white men growing increasingly angry at the world in which they live? Today, we will ponder this question and support it with actual facts that have occurred on the planet that may have or may not have contributed to this very real happening in our daily lives.

It seems to me that, of all people, white men are the angriest. This may be due to shortcomings beyond their ability to change (such as physical factors - height, size of their... nose, color of their hair, etc). However, I am aiming to analyze circumstances beyond the physical. Let's take a look at our current world.

In the eighties, the working force of women stepped up. Though the female workforce had been significantly growing since the 1930's (and began rippling even earlier), the 80's was when it finally took heed. Ever since, more and more business women have obtained greater equalities in the workplace. As well, more feminine faces are influencing our culture. Being the fairer race, it is only natural that women would ease themselves into a rigid, structural workforce. Quite simply put, we are needed.

We also look good in suits. 

Along with this, are women in the media. Once upon a time, entertainment involved solely male counterparts. The first plays consisted of all men, even playing female characters. Today, those roles are also inhabited by women. This puts a good percentage of men out of work, or doing work backstage, like lifting equipment. Even the gays have found their way into the working world by becoming makeup artists, hairdressers, baristas, waiters, and entertainers. There are thousands of diverse actors, comedians, musicians, dancers, and more. White men still continue to earn higher incomes, yet it is a bit more difficult for them specifically to dominate such areas because others are equally capable of performing these roles.

White men are angry because they feel replaceable, unappreciated, crushed, humiliated, and hopeless.

A long time ago, women had to work for the affection of a male who could provide for her and support her life. Through her literature, Jane Austen continues to educate us on the way society once perceived women's rights to property, free will, and choice.

Things are considerably different now. Women, if they choose, can live freely and independently. Men, as a result, become angry because they no longer understand what roles they are needed to play. A white man can no longer "buy her a drink" and get her into bed. Nor can he "take her out to dinner" and have her wrapped around his finger. Most ladies require constant attention, devotion, and envision a future with this man. By natural selection, people are attracted to those who can provide equally or more necessities to a relationship. If one person isn't holding up their end of the bargain, then there are a hundred others who will. Also, the most successful men are more and more visually showcased through various forms of communication via internet, tv, radio, newspaper, magazine, and the list goes on.

This can anger a lot of men because men are naturally self-interested, egoistic, and ambitious. Not to mention, territorial. Men want what other men have. Some men understand you must befriend your enemies or your competition. Other men have a chip on their shoulders - an inferiority complex - that prevents them from making those connections that could help him succeed. This is what makes humans different from animals. Instead of killing our competitor, we learn from them. Angry white men have been taught for too many centuries that they are always right.

Instead of working harder to achieve greatness (or at the very least, contentment), they hold fury, frustration, impatience, and ingratitude at the things in their immediate environments. Opportunities seem harder to come by, as they expect money to come easily, and not necessarily through a job. Angry white men make an excuse for why every job is degrading and why they deserve better. These complaints are usually made from a sofa inside a home that was paid for by somebody else.

As a result, men blame the past and the present for their hardships. "If this hadn't happened back then, then this wouldn't be happening right now." They will blame politicians and wealthy guys.

Blame Nixon!

With an ever growing population, it becomes easier to blame society for having to work more or settle for less than desirable circumstances. Even when working together produces amazing things, angry white men seem to believe that they needn't put in the effort.

Men blame other men, such as presidents and bankers, for their problems. Men blame other women, such as girlfriends and mothers, for their difficulties. 

Men dislike men who make orders, regulate what people do, and who appear happier. Men dislike women who give them orders, tell them what to do, and who appear successful. The majority of rules and orders are put in place to benefit the majority of people, keep them safe, and maintain good deed. 

Granted, there is some corruption, which is what angry men focus all their energy on.

Angry white men view corporations as evil, bad, and must be stopped, but he has no problem supporting them so long as he gets fed or drunk. Without corporations, the angry white man would never be able to afford his next meal, but no angry white guy in his right mind would ever work for one of these "bullshit, corrupt businesses."

The angry white man chugs cheap beer as if he is in some sort of a competition for how many empty aluminum cans he can leave scattered around the house.

Angry white men point fingers at the government, accusing them of wrongful deaths due to war and conspiracy theories. But, consuming all this unhealthy shit such as processed foods and excessive alcohol will surely kill the angry white man way before any government would bother to lay a finger on some whining grown adult. To angry men, the rest of the world are as classified:


Those are just a few examples of the terms angry men use to describe others when life is not going their way. Then they drown their sorrows in a bottle of booze, suck the joy out of their loved ones, and blab negatively and unproductively about women and gay people.

Angry white men will belittle celebrities, presidents, doctors, bankers, and basically anyone that holds a high-paying job or wears a fancy suit. They will accuse said persons of selling their souls and becoming rich assholes. Angry men never admit to wanting to be a rich guy, but they will also never work a low-paying job. In fact, they would prefer being broke, asking others for money, or scraping by on next to nothing. Somehow, this is still everyone else's fault because if everyone was not so capitalistic, materialistic, ignorant, blind, greedy, evil, and powerful... then the world would be a better place. 

What this translates to is, "If no one else worked, then no one would expect me to work, and then I would never have to work, which would be awesome." 

Maybe those angry men should stop bringing others down with their negative attitudes, and go live in these countries:

Nobody is going to work today... must be a holiday!

This looks fun! Childhood bonding. Brings me back to the days.

Look - free guitar! Next Led Zeppelin?

Hey, this is our country! What a nice homeless shelter. It probably has AC/heating... and everyone gets their own cot. So please tell me, what is so terrible about life in the wealthiest country on the planet? Even the homeless have a safe place to rest. I guarantee these social workers don't own yachts, but they're good people who don't carry clouds on their shoulders. Maybe the angry white man should aspire to do good for humanity, and not focus on the people with mansions and their own television shows.

Now, here is the reality check, angry men of America. You are in, so many words, the following:


This makes you:


Will the angry wave of men ever find happiness? Can they ever live contently, work humbly, and take small steps to achieve change? Highly doubt it. At least most of them can let the whole world know how pissed off they are simply by logging onto their favorite social media site.

And then go back to their cable programming...

Life for them may always be a constant struggle in a world where money fuels production. While they may never appreciate how simple it is to live in a plentiful country where so little is expected to merely subsist, at least the rest of us can look at them and see an example of who not to become: a bitter, tired, poor man who has probably hurt and let down more people in his life than he will ever know.

But... the soul that has lost the most may very well be himself.

May you find peace in your heart and learn to love your world,

Some things to help the angry white man grow up:

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