Wednesday, April 18, 2012

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10 Reasons People Lose Facebook Friends...

Plus, helpful hints to keep them around!

(This post contains sarcasm.)

Hello there, reader! Today I have a very special blog for you. This one outlines a major question that the youth, adolescents, and older generations may have about our social network. My words come from experience. Yes, I have unfriended people... but I have also been the victim of unfriendship! Here we will examine the top ten reasons, according to me, why someone would ever unfriend you, or vice versa. Read these useful paragraphs to learn and fill your mind with knowledge. Feel free to watch my coinciding videos with extra tips to help you hang onto all your friends!

1. They looked up to you so much that they began to feel insecure. Sometimes when people idolize others, they get discouraged and think that they can never be as good as them. This is probably how they felt about you. To keep them encouraged, never aspire too much, and always remind them of how great they are doing in comparison to you.


I feel really sad today, have no job, and my boyfriend dumped me. 
My life sucks right now because I failed all my classes.
Feeling so hungover from last night, already threw up a few times.

2. You only posted attractive photos of yourself. To avoid losing friends, post some terrible pictures, too. This will ensure people keep you around so that they feel better about themselves!



3. You posted anything and everything you could think of which made them feel inferior because they lacked the skills to post stuff that was just as interesting and important. In the future, share something meaningful that they can also relate to.


I picked Mimi!

4. They hooked up with you and seeing your face on their Facebook reminded them of how disappointed they were when it was over. Next time, make sure you send them a reassuring sign. This will secure the bond and let them know you are always there for them.


Just pick one! 

5. They felt like you two were not connecting on a deeper level, so make sure you constantly tag them to pictures, even if they are not in them. People love being tagged to memes, mildly offensive images, cute photos of animals, and dopplegangers. It makes them feel like you finally "get" who they are inside, thus securing your Facebook friendship.


How your friends want to be defined:

6. Your family members wanting to be friends on Facebook can lead to a sticky situation, including unfriending, if you do not tread with caution. Since many parents believe in having a strong sense of privacy, only share a few details at a time.


What they want to see:

7. People unfriend those they do not hang out with in real life. Now, thanks to Facebook Places, you can always know where your Facebook friends are. Use this to track them down and show that you are here to stay. They will appreciate that you made the effort to get to know them as a real person, thus making them more eager to remain friends on the internet.


Just bring your charming personality!

8. Other people might unfriend you because of your strangeness. As much as you simply want to "be yourself," you are just asking for judgmental decisions which could compromise your entire friend list. Be as normal as possible. Leave only neutral comments, post acceptable statuses, such as what you ate for dinner. The only exception is your boobs. Post a picture of your cleavage every now and then, and people will be less inclined to delete you when finding a reason to remain friends.




9. Some people may unfriend you for thinking you two share no similar interests. Make sure you "like" their pages, as well as all of the things that they write and post. This will boost their self-esteem which will then be correlated with your existence, thus increasing both of your dependencies on said friendship.


Just do it.

10. Many people will remove people who already have a lot of friends. This is not out of jealousy, but rather, because they feel unwanted. Do not be greedy. Be consciously aware of your friend count, and they will have no reason to feel threatened, or fear you may leave them for the allure of thousands of other friends.


Add me as a friend!

Now that you know the reasons why somebody may have unfriended you, as well as how to keep your friends in the future, you are ready to get back out there and start Facebooking! Thanks for reading. =)

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