Tuesday, February 24, 2015

DIY Curtain-Making Tutorial (Sewing Machine Needed)

This is my DIY in photos of how I made curtains with a sewing machine. 

Making curtains is fairly simple. Take the measurement of your windows or however long you want your curtains to be. Then go to the fabric store, pick out your fabrics of choice and have it cut appropriately.

I went with 3 yards for each panel. That's 6 yards total at the cutting counter. I chose a glittery white mesh fabric and a gold silky fabric. I also had to purchase drapery lining for the gold silk fabric since these will be my main curtain panels.

Drapery lining is important because it absorbs UV rays, prevents fading, and creates a better curtain altogether. Some may say you should only use drapery fabric but I disagree. Not only is drapery fabric way expensive, it's heavier and not truly necessary. They don't make drapery fabric in the silky colors I wanted.

Below is my white glittery mesh fabric, laid out. You will need lots of space to lay out your fabric flat. This fabric is for behind my main curtain because I have a double-rod curtain bracket.

Now you want to pin your fabric together where you will sew the curtain rod opening. Fold under any  raw edges to create a seamless appearance and pin. I made the openings about 4 inches wide so the curtain has space to slide on the rod without getting stuck.

Once you've sewn those, you will want to finish the opposite ends of the curtains. You will only need to fold in maybe 1 or 2 inches. All you want to do is sew the end so it doesn't hang raw nor shows the appearance of scissor cutting.

Here are both curtain ends pinned.

Then I sew, using a straight stitch with a tension level 3. Make sure to remove pins as you go.

I lifted the presser foot so you can see how much space I am giving for thread. You don't need a lot. The closer to the seam, the better, and the more flawless it will appear.

Properly sewing means putting the presser foot down.

This is the seam when it is sewn.

Now I can hang my mesh curtains!

Now to make the main curtain part. The associate at the fabric store wouldn't cut my 6 yards in half due to some dumb store policy. So I have to lay out 6 yards, fold it in half, and cut. This is my drapery lining.

Now folded in half, ready to cut.

I lay out my 6 yards of gold fabric the same way. Fold in half, then cut so you have two 3-yard panels.

Now I lay the gold fabric over the drapery fabric. Make sure to sew them inside out. The silky side of the gold fabric should face the inner side of the drapery lining. Pin them together.

As you can see, this is not the silky side. The silky side is on the inside as we pin.

Now to sew. It can be a bit of task to manhandle the giant piece of fabric, but just be aware of any pins and try not to poke yourself. Try to keep the fabric from pulling away as this may cause irregular sewing. It is best when there is no pull of fabric from the machine. You can do this by making sure the mound of fabric is on a surface where it will lay still.

Now to sew. I sew using my tension level at a 3. Sew with at least a 1/2" to 1" seam allowance. This will prevent minor tears, holes or threads from coming undone.

Remove each pin as you go.

Now that I am done sewing that, you will want to trim off any excess fabric so as not to create bulky edges when you turn the curtains right side out.

 Once you finish trimming, turn the entire curtain right side out. The silky side should now be showing. Now you can make your opening for the curtain rod. Do it just like the mesh curtain. Pin about 3-4 inches down so there is enough space for the rod to enter without grabbing or getting stuck or overwhelmed with too much fabric once on the window.

Then you sew again!

Notice how close I am to the edge here. This will make it look more flawless and give more room for the rod.

Here are my curtains hung in the daylight.

Here is what they look like in their full spread length.

They touch the floor. You may trim and adjust your curtains as you like, but I like my curtains touching the floor.

At night, the curtains glow even more. The sparkles from the mesh curtains look like stars!

My total cost for these curtains came to approximately $105.00 and 4 hours of labor. I estimate I spent about 2 hours in total going to the store and shopping for the materials. Much cheaper than if I were to purchase at retail price. Plus, I enjoy sewing, so the hours just whizzed on by! 

There are so many options you can choose so go to the store and pick out what works for you, your home, and your budget. Be sure to clip coupons for extra savings, or shop during sales.

This DIY is mostly for the intermediate to experienced seamstress who may just be seeking some inspiration or seeing how others make drapery. If you are a beginner, first learn to operate a sewing machine and learn technical terms. This will make DIY tutorials much easier to understand!

I hope this DIY has helped you in making your own curtains. If you need help just leave a comment. 
Have fun!

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Cindy Crawford: Untouched, Un-shopped, Unstoppable

Cindy Crawford, famous supermodel of the past century, bares an un-photoshopped image for magazine marie claire (April issue - 2015). 

"They say a picture is worth a thousand words."

If this is offensive, ugly or bad to the world, perhaps the message is that society needs to change the way we perceive perfection.

Nice jacket.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Why Many Women Cannot Be Friends with Each Other

A lot of women nowadays seem to have huge difficulty in finding relatable friends, especially with the traits they expect or look for in a friend. I've analyzed this issue from my own experiences and I've come up with several theories.

Theory of Similarity:
Two women may share similar interests, tastes, fashion sense, and social circle. But instead of recognizing this as a common beneficial situation, where both individuals may grow stronger in a sense by colliding energies, many women will wrongly see this as competition. Thus, she makes the other woman an enemy instead of a friend. The wrong seer believes that the other woman will share similar tastes in men and gainful opportunities, and even hinder the other's objectives. Best course of action? Remove said woman from mental life. This is done in social media quite often by means of "unfriending." It is attempted to be done in the real world by bad-mouthing and degrading talk amongst social circles. This is a good opportunity for the wrong seer to project her own shortcomings onto the other woman, in hopes others will acknowledge her flaws and join the shaming game.

Theory of Insufficiency:
Another separator of the female species nowadays has a lot to do with internet fame. Women who acquire hoards of friends, followers, and likes on her social media page tend to be the victims of other women's jealousies, insecurities, rude commentary, and otherwise social no-no's that seem to only be justified in the internet world, where the victim is internet famous. Time and time again, women will unfriend each other solely because another one has a busy social media account. Women who feel insufficient beside their internet peers will unfriend those who shake their sense of sufficiency. Even though it is stupid, this happens quite often, especially between women who share the same goals related to modeling, performing, acting, and entertaining. Removing "competition" allows for that sense of sufficiency to return.

Theory of Uniqueness:
Many women tend to enjoy being in the company of those who generally conform to the same standards. They enjoy being surrounded by people who look, talk, walk, and act in very similar fashions. When a variable is added to this equation, it creates a new reaction. Men may get excited over a new face, and women may be interested in a new friend. Sometimes, a woman who dresses differently and has a different way of life is excluded as "weird" or immediately dismissed by a woman who does not possess the other woman's unique qualities. Instead of appreciating another person's differences and not judging a book by its cover, the woman will easily fake a niceness to the new person, but secretly does her best to ignore and avoid her. She won't invite to the new person out with friends, to parties, or even ask a thing about her. This is typical of a very close-minded woman who, if she had it her way, would make sure a new variable never entered the picture because they dislike change.

These are just 3 theories I've developed on why many women cannot and are not friends with each other. If you feel you've been the victim of one or more of these scenarios, fear not, you are not alone. Women all over have to endure the heartless judgements of her very own earth sisters. It is part of being a human being. Only you know the path you've walked, and only you know where you want it to go. People who choose not to know you are the ones who suffer most. If you're a nice person, and you exude genuine friendliness towards everyone, you will receive good things in life. If you're a nice person that lies through their teeth, bad things are more likely to happen. Lies lead to cracks and eventually you fall through the cracks.

May women around the world start coming together and not let social blocks keep us separated. We all have way too much in common and way too much strength to let trivial matters keep us apart with our claws out.