Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Truth Behind H&M: Sweatshop Couture

If big brands were honest about what their product really is... here is what we might see.

Not as sunny of an environment as the models portray in their catalog. I think I saw that pattern on a shirt last time I was at the mall. 

No one looks happy to be at work :( Perhaps because... it's slavery.

Women here leave their babies and children for most of their lives in order to work for under $1 a day trying to feed them.

Hundreds of people die every year... the retailers can afford to build new stores, but not to build a sustainable factory? Hmm... where are those millions of dollars going if the sweatshop workers only see 40 cents a day?

Factories collapse often, killing hundreds. The mentality is, there are plenty of new workers to be used, so it doesn't matter if some of them die in the process.

Working 14-16 hour days with little food. They get beaten regularly for simple requests such as a raise. 

I do not think anyone here has ever seen an H&M store.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

2 Things That Make You Fat (That You Must STOP Eating NOW if You Want to be Thin)

Hi fat people. I am Jade. I am here to make your life thinner. I have been thin my entire life. Why is this you might ask? Why did I get good genes and you didn't? Well the truth is, my genes are no more adaptable to my environment than yours. If you're born on the same planet as I, you have the right to eat healthy from the start. The only people who can give you crap food is your parents, and if they are the ones doing it to you, well they should be held accountable. But now that you're all grown up, and are in full adulthood, or maybe even a tween or a teen whose fat, and want to lose weight before you end up on TLC's "My 600 LB life" keep reading!!

As someone whose been thin my whole life, it wasn't just having a "good" metabolism. Truth is, we all have a GREAT metabolism for the first 30 years of our life. But what we do in those years will significantly impact how your body treats you from there on.

First off, all *healthy* food which is labeled to make you *think* it's healthy... IS NOT. BEWARE OF SHADY LABELING. This country is all about marketing, sales, gimmicks, and profits. Do not be a sucker. Be smarter than the box.

Here are 2 things you want to stop eating immediately if you are fat and want to be thin:


Soda is the #1 worst thing you can add to your diet. Even diet soda is bad. They take out the calories from regular soda, but replace it with more sugar. That sugar turns into fat. Your body has no idea what to do with these chemicals that is in soda. It literally can do nothing with them. So today. Stop drinking soda and diet soda... FOREVER.

But.. what? "I love soda," you might say. TOO BAD!

Here's what you do. Go to Whole Foods. Go look for organic labeling. Purchase an organic *ginger beer* or one of their many organic sodas. Buy 1 and only 1. Buy a small one. No liters. No 6 packs. You fat ass. BUY JUST 1 SMALL BOTTLE. Drink it. Be done with it for the entire week. NO CHEATING.


Yeah, it says "salad" on it. But it's not a fucking salad. It's a dressing compromised of CHEMICALS which CLOG your body so that it literally can do NOTHING with it. Dressing is nothing but fat and artificial flavors. If you want dressing, here is what you do:

Mix olive oil, apple cider vinegar, honey, salt, and pepper. That is your new salad dressing. Adjust to taste. Don't like it? TOO BAD. You will one day. Right now your taste buds are damaged from all the processed salts and manmade flavors.

If you really want some creamy dressing, buy ORGANIC. Buy Annie's brand. Read the label and make sure the ingredients are organic. Don't buy anything that is not organic. Don't buy anything that has the words "modified" in the ingredients.

*Modified* stands for, MADE IN A LAB. Genetically modified ingredients CHANGE the DNA in your body, which can alter your natural metabolism, causing you to get fatter and fatter.

Now that I have given you two major things to cut out of your diet. Take this advice and practice it today, and this week. Come back when you want to learn more. Thanks!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

America is Stupid And Here's Why

America has got to be the dumbest country in the world.

I don't own a television, but I do watch it from time to time at a friend's house. Let me just say, the amount of crap, garbage, vomit, and rubbish they are shoving down the public's throats and intestinal tract is absolutely appalling.

Who cares what happened on the 5029314 season of "The Bachelor?" Or "The Bachelorette?" They should just change to the name to "Who Am I Going To Have Sex With in 10 Weeks or Less?" That's a little more realistic!

The amount of rambling the hosts do is just a sign of robotic control. Honestly, there's no way you can sit there and do all that without pumping your brain with some sort of mind-numbing chemicals. How do you sleep at night, knowing you didn't speak one single word of intelligence the whole time you were at work?

When I watch shows such as "The Voice" all I see are wannabe artists imitating true artists, kind of like that old Disney show called "Great Pretenders" where they basically lip-synced their favorite artists to a fake crowd. You have everyone already placed in their stereotypes: the shaggy-haired rocker in jeans and a tee, the semi-queen-diva-bee with bright red lipstick and artificially dyed hair, the natural humble country girl with blonde beachy hair who plays an instrument, the gay guy with a dream and a great-for-tv personality, the short haired chubby woman with a great voice whose probably a lesbian but no one really knows for sure. Then you have the judges. My God, the judges who just reek stupidity from the ground up. Here they sit, advertising whatever popular unhealthy sugary drink they're paid to, by placing it ever so perfectly an arm's length from the chest so that everyone can feel like they relate to a celebrity simply because they drink the same fucking beverage.

Who agrees that vocal talent shows have sucked ever since Simon Cowell has left the scene? I don't know about you, but I'm sick of watching Paula Abdul and Jennifer Lopez and whatever other washed up has-been sit there and say, "Omg you were so good. Omg you're so hot. Omg I love you. Omg you're so sweet. Omg you are going to go so far." Then you have the British fill-in who sheds a little bit of truth on the contestants, but never once will he say, "You suck!"

But... people NEED to be told that they're not good, when they're NOT good! People on this earth don't even understand anymore the difference between growing up and being in love with music, and people growing up being in love with the idea of fame from being a musician.

One is selfless, one is selfish. People who love to make and write music love to share it with others and connect to them. People who love to sing and gain recognition are the wannabes who don't care about connecting to the audience, they just want their audience to follow them, and they will do so by pretending to be genuine. When really, they don't fucking care and they just want the fame and money.

That's why REAL bands, REAL musicians have all disappeared from the market. Now, you cannot be an artist unless you're willing to STOP singing about what YOU want to sing, and START singing what the industry wants you to. This includes, songs about sex, alcohol, relationship abuse, pain, heartache, and money.

REAL music used to be about happiness, love, positive relationships, learning from mistakes, and experiences that have encouraged growth in one's life. It is inspirational!

People in this day and age are so focused on material things that it makes me sick. When I see people in high heels, and tight dresses, with their hair curled up from an electrical appliance and a face covered in makeup, I just see how tightly conformed they are to the expectations of the entertainment industry. They truly believe that not being themselves is how to be liked. Basically, they want to go anywhere and feel like all eyes are on them because they look good. I feel exhausted just looking at a person like this.

Most of my days now are just spent wearing no makeup and comfortable clothing. I don't have any reason to dress any other way. Why get dolled up and go out? All it is, is a competition against my fellow female comrades. It just presents animosity and feelings of insecurity. If we all could look at each other without the eye makeup and lipstick, or foundation, and hair highlights, we would all always be aware of the other person's imperfections, and we'd all feel a lot more comfortable. The pressure to be perfect and presentable would be gone.

But no... no big time media industry can capitalize from that. Which is why, there are celebrities and talk shows and competitions on television and in magazines and in grocery store check out lanes. It is all designed to make people feel insecure and make them believe that they have to look like this and that, in order to meet a mate and have sex, or in order to fit in with the ideal crowd.

It's all bullshit!

Please stay tuned for my next segment coming up soon.